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Sandstone Gate

Sandstone Gate (Pravčická brána) is the largest sandstone rock arch on this continent. It is a natural monument and it is considered the most beautiful rocky formation of the Bohemian Switzerland. It is also the symbol of the whole region.

Its size is impressive and yet it seems even larger from close range. The total width is 26, 5 m measured at the bottom, the arch height is 16 m, the arch width 7 – 8 m, minimal thickness 3 m. The top plateau is 21 m above the ground.

After you pass through the entrance part of the area, you will find a variety of tracks and paths leading to different viewpoint, where you may see either Sandstone Gate or other near or far spots in the countryside.

An inseparable part of Sandstone Gate is also a small mansion known as Falcon’s Nest (Sokolí hnízdo). It was built in 1881 and it replaced the original wooden hut that had served as a taproom. Falcon’s Nest was originally meant to accommodate prominent guests of the Clary-Aldringen aristocratic family. Nowadays, a museum of the National Park may be found on the first floor. On the ground floor, there is a stylish restaurant with original paintings.