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River gorges near Hřensko

Among the most renowned touristic attractions of the Bohemian Switzerland are the gorges on the river Kamenice. The landscape around here began its formation millions of years ago at the bottom of the sea. After the sea had ebbed, the land started to change due to natural processes that have been affecting the region up to these days. In the past the location around Kamenice was not easily accessible and its mysterious nature discouraged local people from visiting it. It was explored for the first time at the end of the 19th century – at that time it was also made accessible for tourists.

You may wander in romantic nature along the river that is lined with high rocks on both sides. You will walk under overhanging cliffs, through a number of tunnels, over narrow footbridges. Two parts of the trip are accessible only on boat – Edmund’s (also called Quiet) and Wild Gorge. The boats will carry you along the rocky formations, and the ferryman will present you both the animate and inanimate creatures of the gorges.

There is also a resting place with a restaurant, where you may roast something small on a fire.