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Holiday by us offers you an excellent view into the breathtaking nature of Labské pískovce, full of its secrets and jewels. The most renowned one is probably Sandstone Gate (Prebichstor or Pravčická brána) – the largest sandstone rock arch in Europe, which has become the symbol of this region. In the national park Bohemian Switzerland you may find a lot of rock cities and sandstone formations, gorges, mesas or table mountains, canyons, crystal clear brooks and rivers. The park spreads from the Czech village Jetřichovice to Sachsen Pirna. You have therefore a chance to visit Germany (only 13 km away) and go for a lot of wonderful trips, including a river cruise from Děčín to Hřensko, or even further on to Dresden. Come and take a look at this romantic part of the world through different eyes. Let yourself be charmed by the fascinating beauty of the Elbe canyon.
When you look out of the window you shall see Jetřichovice rock walls inviting you for a walk. They are full of rocky castles and viewpoints. Wilhelmina’s Cliff, Rudolph’s Stone and Maria’s Rock with a wooden shack on the top are the best known ones. Visit Dolský Mlýn (Dolsky Mill), Dwarf Cave, Pavlina’s Valley or the gorges on the river Kamenice, where you may wish to go for a boat trip. You will definitely feel as in a fairy story here. The location is also perfect for all who love cycling, fishing, collecting mushrooms, rock climbing, golf, or horse riding.
Thanks to its excellent location, Jetřichovice is the most visited touristic resort of the National Park Bohemian Switzerland.

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Zážitková trasa v obou směrech Studený - Jetřichovice

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River gorges near Hřensko

Among the most renowned touristic attractions of the Bohemian Switzerland are the gorges on the river Kamenice. The landscape around here began its formation millions of years ago at the bottom of the sea. After the sea had ebbed, the land started t...

Sandstone Gate

Sandstone Gate (Pravčická brána) is the largest sandstone rock arch on this continent. It is a natural monument and it is considered the most beautiful rocky formation of the Bohemian Switzerland. It is also the symbol of the whole region. Its si...